BimorphNodes – CAD

DWG DGN class provides utilities for converting curves from CAD links or Imports using layer names as filters.

There are methods for reporting all the CAD links or Imports in the Document and methods to convert curves to detail lines also using layer names as filters

BimorphNodes – Revit Sheet Duplicate

Duplicate selected Sheets with options to control if placed Views are duplicated and the method of duplication.

The Sheet output returns successfully duplicated Sheets or Sheets from the active document and cant be duplicated. The report output logs any Sheets and/or Views that fail to duplicate or View names that were cleaned of illegal characters.

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BimorphNodes – Revit Sheet RenumberRename

Renumber and/or rename Revit sheets. To renumber or rename only, input an empty string or list to the unneeded input.

The node utilises an algorithm to prevent failures if resequencing sheet numbers.

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