– Clear List

Clear List
This node will remove all Null and Empty Lists from any list.

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  1. Using Revit 2019+2020+2021, we use a couple Dynamo script to export data from legends to Excel.
    When using the script, we get an error in Revit 2022.
    Archi.lab is nog working in R22, while all other packages work normally.

    When trying to install the package for R22, we get an error.
    Is there an alternative node for this Clear List node from archi lab ?

    Is it possible to view the python code behind a node ?

    Thanks a lot for any reply!
    Kind regards, Bram de Jong
    BJ-Lupron / Interduct

    1. “For Revit 2022 download 2022.210.1022 That number basically breaks down to:
      2022 – doesn’t mean anything
      210 – Dynamo 2.10
      10 – current build
      22 – version of Revit that it was issued for
      So the same build but 2022.210.1021 would be for Revit 2021. Just FYI. I had to stick those last two digits for Revit version number at the end since every release has to have a higher number per package manager rules.”


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