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Tower Data – Example of how cell tower owners could look at their data in a website. Includes a PDF of scan-to-Revit sheets
Make Elements Rectilinear – Revit app to elements rectilinear. That is: horizontal, vertical, have equal Y points, or have equal X points
Mesh Import from OBJ Files – Revit app to bring meshes (from OBJ files) into Revit
PTS Import – Import laser scan data into AutoCAD which then can be imported into the Revit Family Editor. This video and this video show how to use the app.
Revit-Generated Data by Room
Revit Training Videos
Sample Room Data From Revit
Courthouse Architecture

Dynamo for Revit

Dynamo Packages available to download

Hackathon Entries

Search Dynamo BIM Nodes – Winner of the Most Practical award at the 2018 Beyond AEC Hackthon
Combat Rations Optimizer – Energy density visualization for MREs (Second place winner, DoD Hackathon)
Create WebVR 3D Assembly Instructions – DESIGN TOOLS OF THE FUTURE: Immersive & Interactive Hackathon
Document Elements By Coordinates in Revit – Using Dynamo, instead of using dimensions to locate piles, this effort allows one to use X,Y coordinates and schedule the piles’ location (Autodesk University 2014 Dynamo Hackathon)
Export From Revit to A-Frame – View Revit elements in WebVR (2017 Reality Virtually Hackathon)
Gripped – Using Amadeus‘ API, this web app lets users find the cheapest round-trip airfares from various cities.
LV Warrants – Responsive Web App for a quick search of Las Vegas active warrants (2017 Smart Cities Hackathon at CES).
MassDOT Traffic Cameras – Web App (MassDot Hackathon)
Mass Travel – Windows Phone 8 App (MassDot Hackathon)
Meet – A Conference Networking Interactive Web App (Winner, Professional Convention Management Association Hackathon)
OBD Data Art – Artistic Multidimensional Data Visualization (Audi/VW Data Driven Hackathon)
OpenMBTA – Access OpenMBTA’s information for bus, subway, commuter rail, and alerts (Microsoft Publish event)
Player Statistics – Sample volleyball team data visualization (On Deck Cup Sports Hackathon)
Raven – Entry for CASCADE BOS CSS hack night. Swipe to the left to read the poetry.


Indonesian Etymology– Java app showing non-Malay words in the Indonesian language and what language they came from
Indonesian Language System – Explained


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