Make Elements Rectilinear – Revit App

An app to make Revit elements rectilinear. That is: horizontal, vertical, have equal Y points, or have equal X points

For sale at $10 in the Autodesk Revit App Store

Usage video: [youtube id=”tT_Frm4Dg08″]
Go from this almost-vertical pipe:   Screen Shot 09-18-15 at 05.14 PMTo this vertical pipe:Screen Shot 09-18-15 at 05.14 PM 001


From this almost-straight wall:  Screen Shot 09-18-15 at 05.16 PM  To this straight wall:Screen Shot 09-18-15 at 05.17 PM


To use this app, select a linear element such as pipe, wall, duct, beam, line and run the app.

Screen Shot 09-18-15 at 05.06 PM

Click the button corresponding to how the element should be moved.

Some logic is applied to elements that cannot be moved in certain ways. This is an example from a pipe that is already horizontal:

Screen Shot 09-18-15 at 05.10 PM


$10 per seat. 15-day money back guarantee. One year of updates are included.

Known Limitations

  • Slope and end elevation parameters are not updated on pipes, ducts, cable trays when they are made rectilinear with this app. WORKAROUND: Nudge back and forths, or cut and paste-aligned the affected element and the slope parameter will update. To make a sloped pipe horizontal, it may be better to set its slope to 0 through Revit’s user interface.
  • Units shown in dialog box are in decimal feet, Revit’s internal format.


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