Provides continuity of care and follow-up care information and links for a person at risk for suicide who may have been discharged from an inpatient unit or emergency department.

The App is a tool to assist a person at risk by putting useful contact, resources, inspiration, and advice all in one place in a personalized mobile webite accessible on any device with a browser. The idea for this App is a paper entitled Safety Plan Treatment Manual to Reduce Suicide Risk: Veteran Version which suggests having a counselor work with the person at risk to collect important help information and write it down on a form.
Form from Safety Plan Treatment Manual to Reduce Suicide Risk


The App is in prototype/demo form. The Settings screen is not yet functional, and is intended to activate a method of entering or editing the user’s data. The App’s content is intended to be customized for each user in conjunction with the user’s treatment provider. The App’s code is published at



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