Export From Revit to A-Frame

At the 2017 Reality Virtually Hackathon,  I wrote a method of getting elements’ geometry and color from Revit out and viewing them in A-Frame. Dynamo is the programming language. The Dynamo program logic is:

  1. Select elements
  2. Get their geometry and (a single) color
  3. Transform the geometry from Revit’s Z-up coordinate system to A-Frame’s Z-south coordinate system.
  4. Make meshes and write OBJs named by the element’s ID
  5. Write out A-Frame HTML using the newly-created content

From Dynamo, select elements:

Revit Elements

Dynamo graph
Upload the content and HTML:

A-Frame HTML

I used an easy method of uploading to a free service called Surge, which will run in a Windows version of BASH.

Surge usage

View in desktop or mobile browser:

WebVR viewer: https://teeny-tiny-expansion.surge.sh

Github repo: https://github.com/Reality-Virtually-Hackathon/truevis