Document Elements’ Location By Coordinates in Revit

In Revit, Using Dynamo, one can find internal data and use those data to set parameters of elements.

In this sample case, piles on a beach house can be located in a schedule by their X,Y coordinates.
In the original plan, piles were located with convention dimensions:

Conventional dimensionsAfter running the Dynamo script, new shared parameters of ID, X, and Y were filled in programmatically. Thence, the parameters can be shown in schedules and tags.
Screen Shot 12-03-14 at 12.04 PM


Zoomed-in:Screen Shot 12-03-14 at 12.05 PM


Dynamo script in action feeding X and Y coordinates into the elements’ parameters:


Screen Shot 12-03-14 at 12.10 PM


What the house looks like in 3D:House design by James Veal, Pensacola Florida(House design by James Veal, Pensacola Florida)