Troubleshooting “Mesh Import from OBJ Files” for Revit

Using Mesh Import from OBJ Files, one may find some limitations.

As a rule, one should always Save before doing bold things in Revit.

Most important is that the limit is around 150000 faces for one import. The mesh should be continuous and ideally, closed.

Addressing Possible Problems

Mesh is too big. One may get this error, caused by Revit’s internal limitations on the shapes used:

Screen Shot 02-10-15 at 07.42 AM

A fix is to reduce the mesh’s size. One app that was very good for this was Autodesk ReMake. ReMake is no longer available — seek alternatives.

One could delete unwanted faces:

Screen Shot 02-13-15 at 09.27 AM


One could decimate the mesh to less than 150000 faces. (This mesh looks really nice to start with because it has around 1000000 faces and has images mapped to it.) Don’t worry about the image maps as they won’t come into Revit, anyway.

 Screen Shot 02-10-15 at 07.38 AM

Another problem is that the mesh could come in as mush. This may be caused by being too big and/or not manifold.

Screen Shot 02-13-15 at 09.17 AM 001


One could try doing “Detect and fix mesh issues” in ReMake. This will fill holes, tunnels, and spikes. If the mesh is 3D printable and below the limits in size, it should come into Revit well.

Screen Shot 02-10-15 at 07.51 AM

This is the imported mesh in Revit:

Screen Shot 02-13-15 at 09.41 AM

Screen Shot 02-10-15 at 07.49 AM

Choose a Good Category

The Category choices to make the import are:

Generic Models
Lighting Fixtures
Mechanical Equipment
Structural Framing

One reason to chose a particular Category is to have one that is cuttable or not. A list of cuttable Categories:

Another reason is to control the elements’ appearance via their Categories.


Revit internal units are feet. One can use the presets, or enter one’s own value.

Mesh Import Settings


Try whichever setting works

App is Unsigned

This dialog may be shown the first time loading the app in Revit 2017:



Just click ‘Always Load’


DLLs associated with Revit apps may be checked for viruses using a service like VirusTotal:


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