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Software Development

Viewing Revit-Generated Data by Room

Here are some examples of a way to use Revit data to see the content and parameters of individual rooms. The data come from comma-delimited text files exported from Revit schedules. The floor plan images for each room were plotted programmatically from Revit.

AutoLISP functions

These are some of the hundreds of AutoLISP functions that Eric Boehlke has written over the years. Some can be used alone, and some are modular must be put into a another function to be useful.

File Name Description Comments
qsortnth.lsp Sorts lists by specified nth element Format: (qsortnth THE_LIST SORT_BY_WHICH_ELEMENT) Example: (qsortnth '((3 6 2) (0.4 7 1) (1 89.7 -3)) 0) would sort the list by the 0th element & return: ((0.4 7 1) (1 89.7 -3) (3 6 2))
collect.lsp Builds up a list Format: (collect old-list new-element)
read-cdf.lsp Takes a comma-delimited string and returns a list Format: (read-cdf line-data-string). Uses collect.lsp
skewedp.lsp Highlights lines that are slightly skewed from horizontal & vertical Runs as AutoCAD command
ffa.lsp Sets fillet R to picked arc R, does fillet command, and can erase picked arc Runs as AutoCAD command


Recorded in the winter of 2005, this screencast shows Eric Boehlke modeling a mixed-use building in Revit. This was the basis of a three-day class that he taught. View for free:
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