A Conference Networking Interactive Web App

The prototype demonstrates the concept of how conference attendees may enhance getting together for activities at an event. Whenever one user creates or responds to a meet, all users instantly see the update without refreshing their browsers.  This concept became the winner in the  2016 Professional Convention Management Association Hackathon.

When this application was live, it showed that it is possible to use a modern, instantly-updating web framework to help to organize meetings and conferences.


  • Real-time display of created meets
  • Real-time display of who is going to a meet or not
  • Private meetings supported with email invitation
  • Helps conference goers find people and activities because of its inherent map interface

This example has the potential the basis of an open-source project. Its code is at . 

Future possible enhancements:

  • Administration view
  • Replace double-click behavior for touch devices
  • LinkedIn / Google Plus logins and avatars
  • Rich text in the meets’ descriptions
  • Improved responsiveness in all browser sizes and orientations
  • Text labels / logos for the meet icons
  • Enhanced CRUD (create, read, update and delete) database functions for meets
  • Calendar / time integration
  • Changeable background maps
  • Add more mobile features like geolocation, wayfinding, and notifications