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A360 Embedder WordPress Plugin – Embed Autodesk BIM 360, Fusion 360, or A360 content
Tower Data
 – Example of how cell tower owners could look at their data in a website. Includes a PDF of scan-to-Revit sheets
Make Elements Rectilinear – Revit app to elements rectilinear. That is: horizontal, vertical, have equal Y points, or have equal X points
Mesh Import from OBJ Files – Revit app to bring meshes (from OBJ files) into Revit
PTS Import – Import laser scan data into AutoCAD which then can be imported into the Revit Family Editor. This video and this video show how to use the app.
Revit-Generated Data by Room
Revit Training Videos
Sample Room Data From Revit
Courthouse Architecture

Dynamo for Revit

Dynamo Packages available to download

Hackathon Entries

Combat Rations Optimizer – Energy density visualization for MREs (Second place winner, DoD Hackathon)
Document Elements By Coordinates in Revit – Using Dynamo, instead of using dimensions to locate piles, this effort allows one to use X,Y coordinates and schedule the piles’ location (Autodesk University 2014 Dynamo Hackathon)
Gripped – Using Amadeus‘ API, this web app lets users find the cheapest round-trip airfares from various cities.
LV Warrants – Responsive Web App for a quick search of Las Vegas active warrants (2017 Smart Cities Hackathon at CES).
MassDOT Traffic Cameras – Web App (MassDot Hackathon)
Mass Travel – Windows Phone 8 App (MassDot Hackathon)
Meet – A Conference Networking Interactive Web App (Winner, Professional Convention Management Association Hackathon)
OBD Data Art – Artistic Multidimensional Data Visualization (Audi/VW Data Driven Hackathon)
OpenMBTA – Access OpenMBTA’s information for bus, subway, commuter rail, and alerts (Microsoft Publish event)
Player Statistics – Sample volleyball team data visualization (On Deck Cup Sports Hackathon)
Raven – Entry for CASCADE BOS CSS hack night. Swipe to the left to read the poetry.
Safety Plan Demo – Personalized resource mobile web app for a hypothetical person at risk (Suicide Prevention: Continuity of Care and Follow-up App Challenge)
Shoe Explorer – Photogrammetry to 3D Mesh, Displayed on the Web (HH Brown Fashion/Retail app hackathon)


Indonesian Etymology– Java app showing non-Malay words in the Indonesian language and what language they came from
Indonesian Language System – Explained

Miscellaneous Published Store Apps

Car Radio – Windows 8 App
Tohoku Judo Club – Windows Phone 8 App
Tohoku Judo Club – Windows 8.1 App
Tohoku Judo Club Announcements – Mobile Web App
Boston Traffic – Live traffic live camera feed supplied by MassDOT. Second screen shows Google map near Boston with traffic layer on.


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